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On the Edge

20 Jul

I’ve been quiet for what feels like many weeks. I’ve stuffed my ears and closed my heart because I didn’t want to face one simple truth: this radiant soul shit is hard.

Mainly I’ve stopped writing much. In an attempt to provide more value with great content, I find myself waiting for the perfect post to drop into my lap like it’s some magical thing. I practically bare my teeth at the advice to “write every day” so I can improve my craft even though I know that’s really the way to go before I can become a master at this.

And at the end of it all, when I’ve spent yet another day away from pen and paper and yet another day wrapped in my mind, I find I’m still at the same place.

On the edge.


Feeling my world break open as I leave my old life behind me.

Wondering how to go on into the new life calling me.

Have you been here before? Have you been on the edge? Continue reading


Do You Ever Feel Naked?

5 Jun




All your protective layers ripped away to reveal the part of you longing to burst out into the world, the part that’s fragile and easily daunted by the scope of your visions and expectations.

Do you ever feel naked – stripped down to your very essence with no place left to hide?

Do you ever reach a stage in your growth/evolution where you are lost because you don’t know how to move forward? Where you know the magic exists outside your comfort zone but fear of the unknown grips you so hard you can’t move a muscle? What do you do?

What do you do? Continue reading

The Yearning

7 May

We all have the yearning.

Sometimes it’s faint, like a moth flitting around on the edge of our consciousness. Other times it’s a keen sensation, like a ball of fire in your gut as you ache for something you cannot yet identify.

The yearning is a sense that you want more to feel fuller, broader, more complete. Completion. It is an ache to fill a void so we can achieve completion.

What does completion mean, anyway? Doesn’t it imply that we are somehow lacking and need something else to make us whole? The answer to that is contradictory in and of itself: yes and no. Yes and No. Allow me to elaborate. Continue reading

No Holds Barred

4 May

How often do we let ourselves speak? Truly speak?

I don’t just mean having the courage to pipe up when we’re taking a stand for something or admitting an emotion. 

I’m talking about letting our hearts talk to us without holding back. mean conversing with the soul in a way that is free and open and attentive.

No holds barred. Anything and everything free to flow and emerge and just come out.

Out of the darkness stuffed with all our best ideas.

Out of the space chock-full with our desires and visions and abilities.

Out of the knowledge that we are bright enough to do whatever we want to do and we deserve to shine, goddammit.

Continue reading

Know. Savour. Embrace.

26 Apr

“I don’t know what to do.”

You do. You do know what to do. You’ve always known.

You know that you need to live true to yourself. You know that you need to work towards your desire, not against it. You know that you need to feel alive by doing the things that are sacred and important to you.

You know. You know.

Your soul is nudging you right now, isn’t it? Whispering in your ear and urging you to leap. Leap. Piping up and saying “She’s right, you know. Let’s go for it. Let’s!”

Let it move you. Let it speak. Let it grow. Let your soul guide you. Continue reading

Living Beyond Your Past

28 Mar

Who you were back then is not who you are right now.

You are wiser now. Braver. Stronger.

There’s nothing to gain from repeatedly crucifying yourself for past mistakes and bad experiences. So you did, said, or allowed something you shouldn’t have. You messed up and it was BAD. Fair enough, we’ve all been there.

I just have one question: why are you still visiting that hurtful and embarrassing place?

Maybe you haven’t worked through it yet. Maybe there’s a lesson yearning to be learned. Maybe you’re yet to forgive yourself or whoever’s responsible. Maybe you feel such forgiveness isn’t an option.

 Whatever the case, it’s imperative to be aware of the reasons behind your actions. How can you outgrow your past if you don’t know why you’re still holding on in the first place? How can you “let it go” while unable to discern a tight grip like your life depended on it? How can you break free if you don’t realise your captivity?

There are no quick fixes, no speedy cures. Nobody knows how long it will take to cleanse your system and free your space for positive energy. We do know, however, that whatever has happened TO you is nowhere near as powerful as what can happen FOR you. Facing what has come before will determine how you experience what can happen from now on. Work through it and open yourself up to feel and do and be so much more.

Freedom begins with intention. It continues with affirmative action. It culminates in definitive resolution.

You have to love yourself enough to stand tall and stop being a victim. Living in the past just keeps you trapped in the familiar and tricks you into believing there’s nothing beyond the narrow confines of the particular burden(s) you bear. But there is. There IS.

Choose to evolve rather than remain stagnant. Let a new beginning replace the same old ending. Grow with grace into mercy and redemption. Treat your past as a lesson, not a blueprint for your present + future. We remain as we choose to be, and we can choose the ability to stand tall in spite of what has happened to us. 

You can choose to free yourself from the shame and jettison the pain. You can decide to fashion a new way of life for yourself and be healthier, stronger. You can live beyond your past when you leave it behind you and centre yourself in this present moment. Right here. Right now. This very moment. And the next, and the next. Life can be beautiful if you let it. 🙂

Hello, Universe? Is That You?

11 Mar

I feel like the universe is speaking to me. I’m finding my way to lots of smart, sparkling, awesome women living their dreams and writing/speaking/teaching about it. They all have blogs. Most or all of them swear by yoga. A lot of what they have to say is in tune with my personal philosophy.

Now, here’s the interesting/scary part: 95% of them are coaches.

Dear universe, what does that mean for me? Am I being called to become one or to get one? I’m all for it if it’s the latter; just hand me the dosh and I’ll book some sessions faster than you can blink, LOL.

If it’s the former, hmm. I’m not really sure what I could offer potential clients besides maniacally repeating, “Go for it! Yes you can! I know you can! :D”, ha ha.

OK now, let’s be serious. It’s truly serendipitous how these great women are crossing my path within days or even hours of each other, all with the same message:

Do it now. Trust yourself. Be open. Every risk is worth it. Have faith.

This is the part where I discover if I can walk my talk or not; if I can leap off the edge and trust my wings to carry me; and if I can believe that what I thought what “just” a dream can actually become my reality.

When I wrote The Power of Gratitude, I mentioned Rhonda Byrne’s book The Secret and its effect on me. The book’s major theme is the Law of Attraction, something that’s really been at work in ways I can’t even begin to fathom. How else would expert coaches find and follow me on Twitter, then ask to share my words because they love my blog? Yup, Lisa Hayes of Good Vibe Coaching Academy did just that. We even connected a bit afterwards and chatted about life in general. Oh, and did I mention she’s a Law of Attraction coach?

This is why I’m wondering if the universe isn’t trying to tell me something. I’ve been wishing to find a community where I belong, a path I can call my own, so maybe I’m experiencing the results right now? How fabulous. 🙂

When you’re clear about what you want and trust it will come to you, it does. 

When you tap into gratitude and say “thank you” not just for what you have but what you will get, it manifests. 

When you believe that abundance is yours and your desires are worthy, they happen.

Nobody has all the answers. We’re all learning through life’s journey. But the answers are there if we are conscious of and receptive to them. They’re always there; waiting, calling, glowing; urging us to open our hearts and minds and see them. To feel them. To know they’re waiting to give us all we hope for and all we need.

Is the universe trying to tell you something today? Are you getting signs to embark on a particular venture or make room for something new? Have the courage to answer and everything you need will come your way if you let it. If you believe it. If you dare.

You can. I know you can. I know you will. 🙂

Spotlight: Premakarini

15 Feb

I’d like to share something by Premakarini. Regular readers will remember her from her guest post here and my first mention of her here. Her latest blog post, The Love Manifesto, is one very dear to my heart and I hope it will mean a lot to you too. It contains a wonderful gift of the same name, The Love Manifesto eBook.

This is how I feel about The Love Manifesto eBook: It is powerful. Vital. Energising. It’s a flow of truth and encouragement, an exploration of love and bliss, of connection and empowerment. It’s a gentle nudge to let yourself feel the love inside, to feel it in everything you do, to open up to a higher level of loving and living.

This eBook is a wave of love. It’s an ocean of love. It’s an invitation to step into your highest self and be everything that you could be; everything that you should be. It’s telling you to love now, now, and let the rest take care of itself.  Continue reading

Gouge the Surface

31 Jan

Much of everyday life takes place above the surface. We run errands, talk to people, buy things, drive from point A to B; just a few of the things we do on autopilot. You know, part of the rote and all that.

But what about the rest of the iceberg? What about the multitude of ideas and dreams and treasures below the surface? What about the light buried in the darkness because we can’t find the time to air out our coffers?

The surface is a seductive place. It is level, familiar, comfortable. We settle into an easy rhythm, power on day in and day out



jolts us.

What are you doing? Where are you going? Are you working by instinct or rote? Are you fuelled by passion or necessity? Who are you? Continue reading

No Matter What

5 Jul

Life is full of risks. We often avoid taking them because we fear getting hurt, getting scarred, losing ourselves in the process. 

But when you really think about it, a safe life is a boring one.

How can you discover new and exciting things if you are too afraid to try?

How can you gain your heart’s desires if you don’t put yourself out there?

Fear is debilitating and often groundless. The only way to fight it is to take a leap of faith and damn the consequences. The very phrase “leap of faith” is an affirmation of the necessity of action. You must act before you can overcome fear. It’s hard, I know. Everyone struggles with it. We’re only human and fear is a natural reaction to the unknown. It is, however, also a restriction from the exhilarating and the thrilling.

Everybody gets hurt. We all bleed. We all ache. It’s left to each person to love hard and for real no matter what. 

Choose to live without restrictions and regrets. Every mistake is a learning opportunity, and every failed experiment is one step closer to success. 

Choose to grab life in both hands and make it a full experience. Taste the exotic. Embrace the thrilling. Live the fabulous. No matter what.

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