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Shine at Your Fingertips

30 Jul

I’m excited. And worn out. And ready to sleep for days on end. My eBook Shine at Your Fingertips is finally ready to be launched into the world. Booyah.

This is something I worked on for a long time and polished as much as I could before presenting it here. It’s my first attempt so please bear with any snafus, LOL. 

Here’s a sneak peek:

Introduction: Why I’m Writing It

Hello! First of all, thank you for reading this. Thank you for choosing to spend your time with me. I promise to make it worth every moment.

My name is Otiti. I’m writing this eBook for you. For me. For us. For the world. It’s a message from my gut to yours, a call from my heart to yours. There’s a truth we all need to remember, and that truth is this: we are all made to shine. Every single one of us.

There’s a light within, a fire, a passion so deep and intense we fear it might consume us if we tap into it. So we shy away, and we stay small and safe, and we remain unfulfilled.

I’d like to change all that. I’m here for the soul explorers. The truth-seekers. The lovers of light and energy and fire. The minds in love with clarity and vision. The hearts open to adventure while exploring the unknown, braving the edge again and again.

Let’s take this journey together and step into our brilliance. Let’s take this journey together and access the shine at our fingertips.

Our greatest challenge is to be our fullest selves. Are you up for it?

That’s it! Want more? 😀 Download it HERE. No charge. 🙂 I’m confident it’s full of juicy goodness to water your soul. Please share it with your peeps and leave a comment on what you take away from it! Happy reading, my friends.

Cover design by crashonit

PS: I’m told mobile downloads don’t work so I suggest using your computer or other device to access the eBook. Thanks!


Living Out Loud

29 Apr

Today’s post is all about connecting and going beyond innocuous small talk. Sometime in late February I read Tia Sparkle Singh‘s post 11 Questions you’re NOT asking that could change your life and realised that we do live our lives asking and saying the same things over and over and OVER again. Kinda boring when you think about it, right?

So today I’m taking a stand to change the way we perceive communication. I’m taking a chance and putting my truth on here because I don’t want to wake up one day and find that I lived my life too afraid to share what was truly important to me.

Chances are you don’t either, yes? I mean, what’s the point of being here if we can’t be true to who we really are and what we honestly feel?

These are my answers to the 11 questions. I hope you’re moved to share yours as well.

1.) What is your dream job?

Earning a living combining my passions and interests, namely travel, writing, motivational work, and humanitarian philosophies. I guess that means I’ll either have to work for myself or find a very specific work position, yes? 😀 Continue reading

What If?

17 Feb

I used to see those two words as harbingers of timidity and uncertainty: What if I fail? What if I fall? What if I’m wrong? What if they don’t like me/accept me/support my idea?

You know, that kind of thing.

Then I realised: they hold great potential. Potential. Possibilities.

What if you succeed?

What if you own the competition and go hard like never before?

What if you binned the doubt and went for it even in the face of great adversity?

What if you learned to fly even as you were falling?

Things are changing around and within me. I’m actually giving myself a chance to go with my gut and trust that it’s the right thing to do. I’m realising that all the careful planning in the world can’t match the sheer thrill of letting yourself feel on a deeper level. 

You’re so much more in tune with yourself when you think beyond the borders of what’s “real” or acceptable.

The truth is that letting yourself think wild and free is the key to authentic expression.

It’s the beat of your pulse.

It’s the difference between wondering if you’ll make it and knowing that you will.

It’s the raw honesty you get when you face your hopes and fears; when you can look at yourself, really look, and truly be thankful for all that you are and have.

Even when you’re not perfect. Especially because you’re not. We get so caught up in trying for perfection that we forget to celebrate what we have right now.

What if.

What if you discovered you didn’t have to try so hard?

What if you were kinder to yourself and didn’t allow momentary setbacks negate your progress & achievements?

What if you believed in your power and still asked for help when you needed it because you knew that didn’t make you weak?

What if you took the first step because you couldn’t wait to taste the extraordinary?

I believe in positivity.

I believe in magic.

I believe in loving yourself enough to admit what you desire and what you need.

I believe in being true to your spirit and going where it leads you.

What if we changed “Oh, I can’t possibly . . .” to “Yeah, I can totally . . .”?

I may not know your name. I may not know your story. I probably don’t know what you’ve experienced, what you’ve felt, what you’ve endured.

I only know that holding on to your past is the surest way of sabotaging your present and future.

Having the courage to work through the pain and give yourself a chance to heal is a lot harder than hugging the hurt and staying trapped in an endless loop of recrimination and dissatisfaction.

So take a chance today.

Give yourself the gift of following your heart.

Give yourself the gift of living your passion.

Give yourself the gift of being your own person.

Give yourself the gift of continuously evolving and growing.

So. Are you ready to turn your ‘what-ifs’ into expressions of power and aptitude?

Spotlight: Premakarini

15 Feb

I’d like to share something by Premakarini. Regular readers will remember her from her guest post here and my first mention of her here. Her latest blog post, The Love Manifesto, is one very dear to my heart and I hope it will mean a lot to you too. It contains a wonderful gift of the same name, The Love Manifesto eBook.

This is how I feel about The Love Manifesto eBook: It is powerful. Vital. Energising. It’s a flow of truth and encouragement, an exploration of love and bliss, of connection and empowerment. It’s a gentle nudge to let yourself feel the love inside, to feel it in everything you do, to open up to a higher level of loving and living.

This eBook is a wave of love. It’s an ocean of love. It’s an invitation to step into your highest self and be everything that you could be; everything that you should be. It’s telling you to love now, now, and let the rest take care of itself.  Continue reading

Gouge the Surface

31 Jan

Much of everyday life takes place above the surface. We run errands, talk to people, buy things, drive from point A to B; just a few of the things we do on autopilot. You know, part of the rote and all that.

But what about the rest of the iceberg? What about the multitude of ideas and dreams and treasures below the surface? What about the light buried in the darkness because we can’t find the time to air out our coffers?

The surface is a seductive place. It is level, familiar, comfortable. We settle into an easy rhythm, power on day in and day out



jolts us.

What are you doing? Where are you going? Are you working by instinct or rote? Are you fuelled by passion or necessity? Who are you? Continue reading

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