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You Can Choose

24 Aug

You can choose to bend your back under the burdens of feeling incompetent, operating from scarcity and despair. Stagnant.

You can choose to bow your head and fix your eyes on the ground under the weight of never being good enough for yourself or anybody else.

You can choose to live on your knees, trapped in the dark hole of your circumstances and your mind.


You can choose to rise.

You can choose to climb.

You can choose to drop the weights and make them your bridge to greatness.

You can choose to get on your feet and fight your way out of the dark.

You can choose to raise your head, straighten your spine, and face down every feeling of less than or not good enough.

You can choose to slice through your reserve and say the things you really want to say. Do the things you really want to do. Feel the things you really want to feel.

You can choose to free yourself.

You can choose to value your growth and expansion more than you value your comfort.

Choice. Intention. Action. Reaction. A consciousness that your behaviour creates your present and your future. Might as well operate from a richness of spirit, eh?

There is always a choice: action or inaction; victory or defeat; blend with your power or blend with your fear.

Blending with your power strengthens you, sharpens your identity, emboldens you to flow with your challenges and stay fluid enough to find lasting solutions.

Blending with your fear depletes you, sucks you dry, blurs the shape of your identity and leaves you at the mercy of whatever challenge you encounter, both big and small.

You can choose to ask for help when you don’t have the answers.

You can choose to spark your soul fire and guard it fiercely against those who would douse it.

You can choose to go deeper than most and trust that you’re capable of handling whatever’s buried within.

You can choose.

What’s your choice? Will you decide to flourish, not because anyone says so or pushes you to, but for yourself? I hope your answer’s yes.

Mine is. Yes.

Poster credit: Karen Salmansohn


Of Cage-Rattlers + Helping Hands

30 May

4 weeks ago, I decided to go professional with my blog. My first admission here took a lot to tap out.

I sat down with my journal and teased out my personal brand of magic/my calling, my contribution to humanity, and what I could do to set the world on fire. I felt light and free and clear about my life’s purpose. Cue hallelujah chorus and angels rejoicing.

Then I woke up the next day and the fear began: what if I fail? What can I possibly offer the world that isn’t already out there? HOW will I get started?

Luckily, helpful souls restored my faith in myself pretty damn quick.

The fabulous Nikki Groom calmed my fears when I sent her frantic messages on Twitter and shared her story with me through email; turned out I wasn’t crazy and my emotional roller-coaster was totally normal after such a momentous (and public!) declaration. Phew.

John Kowalski added me on Skype, talked me through the uncertainties, and even shared his own personal word map and infographic that laid the foundation for his heart-centred approach to entrepreneurship. Amazing or what, right?

THEN the incredibly wise and lovably ass-kicking Sandi Amorim rattled my cage during a complimentary 30-minute call and freed my soul to reveal more of herself in my blog. This led to The Bonds Between You and I because Sandi emphasised the importance of being real and true to yourself, of letting out your story complete with emotion, authenticity, and purpose. So I did, and more of you connected with me because of it. To those who commented here and on my Facebook page, I thank you.

But I didn’t start this post to tell you all about my journey and leave it at that. I started it to emphasise the power of declaration.

Things fall into place when you get clear on what you want, why you want it, and what you’re willing to do to get it. Opportunities start flooding in to test your resolve, to see how committed you really are to the process.

How badly do you want that dream? Continue reading

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