The Radiant Heart Warrior

9 Jul

Hello, lovelies! How’s it going? I know it’s been a while since I updated my blog. Apologies. Life’s been rather crazy lately.

Anyway! Today I wanna share two guest posts I’ve written for my blogger friends. Well, one guest post and one interview, really.

First up is the one I did for the delightful Kathy of Bliss Habits. Kathy’s blog is all about the different ways we can add bliss to our everyday lives and she has 13 “bliss habits”  as markers to show the way. I wrote Got Trust? when I saw her Twitter invitation for a guest blogger to feature on the topic; check it out and let us know what you think! 🙂

Next is the interview I did with my friend Alejandro of Enso Journey for the Hall of Warriors. He dubbed me The Radiant Heart Warrior  and I got this AWESOME illustration below to go with it. 😀

That’s pretty much it, just wanted to share those with you. Go forth and shine, people.


Power. You. Here. Now.

29 Jun

Right now, this very second, power is bubbling within you. Energy is percolating away and straining at the seams of confinement.

Do you feel it? Do you sense it?

Power is changing the way you think and how you perceive the world, why you’re here and what you’re going to do about your life’s calling.

Do the shifts scare you? Are you scrabbling to hold tight to old ways or breathing deep to let change flow in + through you?  Continue reading

Soul Visionary? Say What?

15 Jun

When I look at the soul, my line of vision splits in two: I see it as it is, and as it could be.

Are you weighted down? You can be lifted up.

Are you wilting? You can bloom.

Are you cowering in fear? You can stand tall, bold and unashamed.

Are you searching? You can discover what you seek.

Are you thirsting? You can be fully satisfied.

What I do as a soul visionary is to visualise what we’re capable of when we let ourselves go. What’s holding you back?

Why are you holding you back? Continue reading

Beauty Is Magic

10 Jun

What’s your perception of beauty? How do you define it?

Is it limited to thin young women with glowing skin; fancy sports cars; and an exquisitely dressed fashionista?

To ask a tired question, what’s hot and what’s not?

I asked my new friend Paula if she wanted me to discuss anything in particular on here, and she mentioned society’s definition of beauty. In her exact words, “I am very interested in the way we as a society perceive beauty especially feminine beauty. As an artist I see beauty in just about anything and feel we have lost the richness that life has to offer.”

My response? “Now that’s some poetic expression. I can totally relate to what you’re saying and also feel we need to expand our perception of feminine beauty. It has nothing to do with our body measurements and/or sense of fashion; it has to do with our hearts and our souls and all the MAGIC we have to share with the world.”

I said that because beauty based on appearance alone is fleeting and shallow. I don’t care how skinny you are or how many designer brands you rock on a daily basis; if your inner self is ugly, your outer beauty is hard and bitchy. 

So, what’s hot and what’s not? Continue reading

Do You Ever Feel Naked?

5 Jun




All your protective layers ripped away to reveal the part of you longing to burst out into the world, the part that’s fragile and easily daunted by the scope of your visions and expectations.

Do you ever feel naked – stripped down to your very essence with no place left to hide?

Do you ever reach a stage in your growth/evolution where you are lost because you don’t know how to move forward? Where you know the magic exists outside your comfort zone but fear of the unknown grips you so hard you can’t move a muscle? What do you do?

What do you do? Continue reading

Of Cage-Rattlers + Helping Hands

30 May

4 weeks ago, I decided to go professional with my blog. My first admission here took a lot to tap out.

I sat down with my journal and teased out my personal brand of magic/my calling, my contribution to humanity, and what I could do to set the world on fire. I felt light and free and clear about my life’s purpose. Cue hallelujah chorus and angels rejoicing.

Then I woke up the next day and the fear began: what if I fail? What can I possibly offer the world that isn’t already out there? HOW will I get started?

Luckily, helpful souls restored my faith in myself pretty damn quick.

The fabulous Nikki Groom calmed my fears when I sent her frantic messages on Twitter and shared her story with me through email; turned out I wasn’t crazy and my emotional roller-coaster was totally normal after such a momentous (and public!) declaration. Phew.

John Kowalski added me on Skype, talked me through the uncertainties, and even shared his own personal word map and infographic that laid the foundation for his heart-centred approach to entrepreneurship. Amazing or what, right?

THEN the incredibly wise and lovably ass-kicking Sandi Amorim rattled my cage during a complimentary 30-minute call and freed my soul to reveal more of herself in my blog. This led to The Bonds Between You and I because Sandi emphasised the importance of being real and true to yourself, of letting out your story complete with emotion, authenticity, and purpose. So I did, and more of you connected with me because of it. To those who commented here and on my Facebook page, I thank you.

But I didn’t start this post to tell you all about my journey and leave it at that. I started it to emphasise the power of declaration.

Things fall into place when you get clear on what you want, why you want it, and what you’re willing to do to get it. Opportunities start flooding in to test your resolve, to see how committed you really are to the process.

How badly do you want that dream? Continue reading

Voice Your Soul

24 May

“Lovely lady, I’m sitting on the bus having gone wow at the beauty, insight & courage of your writing!! The world needs to read this . . .”

My new friend and soul sister Marie Milligan said that to me on Twitter after she visited my blog for the first time and read The Bonds Between You and I. She later asked me how I write the way I do and if my English degree had anything to do with it. University certainly polished my skills but I’d like to think the raw talent was there all along, ha ha. 😀

So she made a special request for a post on How to Write From the Soul. The idea is to encourage those who feel they have something to say but don’t know how to say it, or if they’re even ready to say it. At the risk of claiming to know the answer to instantly fabulous writing, I’ll do my best to make this less about me and more about you. So, here goes.

I believe we all have a story waiting to be told. A truth, a yearning, something we must express to feel free, to feel true, to feel real. We long to be seen and heard, but we worry that our story isn’t interesting or witty or juicy enough. So we shut it in. We shut our voice in. And our spirits wilt with every passing moment. Continue reading

The Bonds Between You and I

16 May

Sometime ago, I found  myself struggling with feeling unworthy and below par compared to my peers and role models. A constant loop of negativity and self-criticism  kept playing in my head until I was ready to scream my heart hoarse just to ease the pain and silence the bullying (because that’s what it really is).

So instead, I decided to write affirmations of how I wanted to feel, of what I believed to be true even though my lizard brain tried to convince me otherwise.

I share them with you today because everyone gets stuck in a rut sometimes. Everyone feels down and lagging behind on what they can/should/ought to have done or accomplished, and we’re all missing one truly important thing: WHAT ABOUT RIGHT NOW? 

Most of our angst stems from being stuck in the past or fretting hard about the future.

So today, right here, right now, take this moment to be present right where you are. Get out of your head and into your heart. Break free of the blame game and regret and lift your head up to the sky. As you do so, remember:

You are beautiful. You are worthy. You are enough. You are strong. You are capable. You are able. You are. You are. Continue reading

Hey, Everyone!

14 May

Just a super quick welcome to my friends who followed me here from my old site and to any new readers in the house! 

I imported all the posts here from that blog but will publish new content here from now on. I really hope to make this a seamless transition for us all and trust that this site will be more user-friendly than the last one.

So how d’you like the new look? I personally think the colours here are to die for. I swoon every time I see the pink background and go all “be still, my heart”, LOL. I’m open to any suggestions y’all have, though, so feel free to express yourself!

For those who already subscribed to the old blog, please cancel there and subscribe here instead. Thanks ever so much! And if you’re not on my list yet, now’s a good time to get on it, right? 😉

Welcome once again and I look forward to a more interactive experience with you all! Ciao, lovelies.

The Yearning

7 May

We all have the yearning.

Sometimes it’s faint, like a moth flitting around on the edge of our consciousness. Other times it’s a keen sensation, like a ball of fire in your gut as you ache for something you cannot yet identify.

The yearning is a sense that you want more to feel fuller, broader, more complete. Completion. It is an ache to fill a void so we can achieve completion.

What does completion mean, anyway? Doesn’t it imply that we are somehow lacking and need something else to make us whole? The answer to that is contradictory in and of itself: yes and no. Yes and No. Allow me to elaborate. Continue reading

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