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Calling All Dreamers and Seekers

17 Sep

Do you have a business idea you’re aching to implement but keep shying away from?

Is there a creative project you’ve been putting off forever?

Do you want to change your life but keep getting stuck before going all the way?

Yes? Well then, have I got  a treat for you. 😀

Enter Natalie Sisson‘s killer initiative $100 Change, a 100-day programme for $100 — huge momentum for a dollar a day. What could be better?

Natalie runs her own business and is super dedicated to helping others get what she’s got: a location-independent business that suits her lifestyle right down to the ground and frees up her time to do the things really important to her.

I follow her blog The Suitcase Entrepreneur and it’s packed with tools and information for beautiful growth in your life + business, so of course I’m a fan of her awesomeness. 😀

Anyway, I signed up for $100 Change on Saturday and I’m talking about it here because I believe in what she’s put together to make a difference in the world.

Natalie’s written this kick-ass post on how the project came to be, and check out this delicious overview:

This is an opportunity to join a community tailored to meet your creative needs and support your journey to fulfil your dream. Plus, you can eneter to win one of 10 scholarships and use the money to further your goal. There’s a ton of value in this and it’s time to get your greatness started

I’ve already changed after just one prompt landed in my inbox: I sat down and wrote the introduction for my second eBook. My outline had been gathering dust for the past few weeks, yet I got the push to flesh it out within 24 hours of signing up! Explosive progress, innit?

This is how movements are born. This is how history’s written. You have 100 days to build habits that’ll ensure your success. Sign up. Make them count.

Natalie’s rooting for you. The 100 change makers are rooting for you.  I’m rooting for you.

You can choose to turn your life around within 100 days. The question is, will you?

Image credits: Natalie Sisson


What Do You Want to See More Of?

10 Sep

Hey, lovelies. I know, I’ve been terribly quiet lately. I think I’m in an incubation period. Either that or I’m still burnt out, LOL.

Anyway, this is a quick and dirty post to ask you one thing:

What would you like to see more of on my site?

You already know what I’m about here, so how can I make that mission relevant to you?

I need all my Radiant Souls to stand up and speak! Let me support you in your journey to a brilliant life in a way that speaks to your soul.

I’ve got some ideas on the boil and will unveil them soon. In the meantime, what’s your take on things?

Come alive in the comments below, on my Facebook page, and/or on Twitter. Let’s connect, people. Because it’s all about the quality of our relationships, isn’t it? 😉

I’m on tenterhooks to hear back from you! Let’s talk in the comments.

Image credit: Karen Salmansohn

What Are You Willing to Give?

19 Aug

What are you willing to give to get where you want to be?

What are you willing to give to be who you want to be?

What are you willing to give to shake things up and grab hold of the silver lining?





Your life?

How about everything: throwing yourself, all of yourself, into living true to your soul’s purpose?

How about it?

What are you willing to give? Continue reading

Bleed Your Truth

7 Aug

There’s something visceral about bleeding your truth. It’s the raw outflow of your deepest juice, pure and unbridled. It’s the jaw-popping goodness you get once you’ve cut through the fluff and surface stuff.

So let’s get right down to it. There’re a lot of words and phrases floating around the blogosphere right now: joy; bliss; authenticity; passion; follow your dreams; make epic shit happen. Pretty words on the screen, but how do you apply them in real terms in real life?

One word: desire.

Desire is what pushes you even when you’re weak and fed up with the obstacles in your path.

Desire is what burns in your gut until you get up and do something with all that tense energy tingling underneath your skin.

Desire is what moves you to give your best so you get the best, both from yourself and the people around you.

Bleeding your truth is the desire to be free. For you. To express and be yourself without muzzling your exuberance. To communicate freely without dumbing down your intelligence.

What is your truth? When will you bleed it? What are you waiting for? Will you ever do it?

In case you’re wondering why you have to lay your soul bare like that and why you can’t just shuffle along in silence, you’ll explode if you do. Literally. All the stuff you’ve refused to say and do will well up and gush out whether you’re ready for them or not.

People who “suddenly” seem to snap one day? It’s never sudden; it’s been building for a long time.

Your truth builds, and builds, and it’s up to you to express it. It’s up to you to live it. It’s up to you to brave it. Continue reading

The No. 1 Secret to Finding Yourself

24 Jul

Hello, lovelies! Today I have a soul-stirring guest post from Leanna and Kevin over at The League of Champions. It’s all about being who you are . . . without waiting for some special thing first. Enjoy and show them some love when you’re done reading! 🙂

Do you ever feel like…

You have to engineer an irresistible persona to get people to like you?
You can’t unleash the real you until you’re done baking?
You’re a work in progress that will never be complete?
No one hears your voice in a deafeningly loud world?

People say, “Be yourself.”  But what is “yourself?”  Luckily, the solution can be found in one simple secret.

Many of us have this problem of finding ourselves.  You’re not abnormal, or broken, or on the wrong track if you feel this way.  

We’ve all be told, one time or another, that we “should” be something that was different from what we wanted to be.  So then we start to think, “Well, maybe I’m wrong, maybe I should be something different…” and we question ourselves so much, we forget what we really were in the first place.  Or maybe we were told, “That’s just the way things are,” by someone who hadn’t bothered to find out if things could be other ways, too.  So then we began to think we had to accept a reality that we didn’t want.  

It’s because of all the moments you were told not to follow your gut, that your gut was wrong, that you now feel like the real you – who knows all the right answers – is eluding you.

All these moments can be undone, however.  You can get in touch with your true self simply, right now, no waiting.  The biggest secret to finding yourself is… to stop looking.

The real you is not someone who has to be stitched together from pieces of what you think you should be, or someone who’s still being shaped and formed, or that ultimate personality you‘ve come up with in your head.  Of course we continue to grow and change, so think of that as an expansion of the true you.  But the true you is already here.

To stop looking means to stop putting on an act.  Sometimes we act a certain way because we’re around certain people.  Or, even when we’re alone, our choices reflect what we think the outside world will accept.   Doing this is like putting on a mask we think everyone else will like.  To take off the mask, just stop editing yourself.  The true you is already here.  It has always been underneath the mask, because it’s how you’d naturally act if you weren’t pretending. Continue reading

On the Edge

20 Jul

I’ve been quiet for what feels like many weeks. I’ve stuffed my ears and closed my heart because I didn’t want to face one simple truth: this radiant soul shit is hard.

Mainly I’ve stopped writing much. In an attempt to provide more value with great content, I find myself waiting for the perfect post to drop into my lap like it’s some magical thing. I practically bare my teeth at the advice to “write every day” so I can improve my craft even though I know that’s really the way to go before I can become a master at this.

And at the end of it all, when I’ve spent yet another day away from pen and paper and yet another day wrapped in my mind, I find I’m still at the same place.

On the edge.


Feeling my world break open as I leave my old life behind me.

Wondering how to go on into the new life calling me.

Have you been here before? Have you been on the edge? Continue reading

Do You Ever Feel Naked?

5 Jun




All your protective layers ripped away to reveal the part of you longing to burst out into the world, the part that’s fragile and easily daunted by the scope of your visions and expectations.

Do you ever feel naked – stripped down to your very essence with no place left to hide?

Do you ever reach a stage in your growth/evolution where you are lost because you don’t know how to move forward? Where you know the magic exists outside your comfort zone but fear of the unknown grips you so hard you can’t move a muscle? What do you do?

What do you do? Continue reading

Voice Your Soul

24 May

“Lovely lady, I’m sitting on the bus having gone wow at the beauty, insight & courage of your writing!! The world needs to read this . . .”

My new friend and soul sister Marie Milligan said that to me on Twitter after she visited my blog for the first time and read The Bonds Between You and I. She later asked me how I write the way I do and if my English degree had anything to do with it. University certainly polished my skills but I’d like to think the raw talent was there all along, ha ha. 😀

So she made a special request for a post on How to Write From the Soul. The idea is to encourage those who feel they have something to say but don’t know how to say it, or if they’re even ready to say it. At the risk of claiming to know the answer to instantly fabulous writing, I’ll do my best to make this less about me and more about you. So, here goes.

I believe we all have a story waiting to be told. A truth, a yearning, something we must express to feel free, to feel true, to feel real. We long to be seen and heard, but we worry that our story isn’t interesting or witty or juicy enough. So we shut it in. We shut our voice in. And our spirits wilt with every passing moment. Continue reading

The Bonds Between You and I

16 May

Sometime ago, I found  myself struggling with feeling unworthy and below par compared to my peers and role models. A constant loop of negativity and self-criticism  kept playing in my head until I was ready to scream my heart hoarse just to ease the pain and silence the bullying (because that’s what it really is).

So instead, I decided to write affirmations of how I wanted to feel, of what I believed to be true even though my lizard brain tried to convince me otherwise.

I share them with you today because everyone gets stuck in a rut sometimes. Everyone feels down and lagging behind on what they can/should/ought to have done or accomplished, and we’re all missing one truly important thing: WHAT ABOUT RIGHT NOW? 

Most of our angst stems from being stuck in the past or fretting hard about the future.

So today, right here, right now, take this moment to be present right where you are. Get out of your head and into your heart. Break free of the blame game and regret and lift your head up to the sky. As you do so, remember:

You are beautiful. You are worthy. You are enough. You are strong. You are capable. You are able. You are. You are. Continue reading

Hey, Everyone!

14 May

Just a super quick welcome to my friends who followed me here from my old site and to any new readers in the house! 

I imported all the posts here from that blog but will publish new content here from now on. I really hope to make this a seamless transition for us all and trust that this site will be more user-friendly than the last one.

So how d’you like the new look? I personally think the colours here are to die for. I swoon every time I see the pink background and go all “be still, my heart”, LOL. I’m open to any suggestions y’all have, though, so feel free to express yourself!

For those who already subscribed to the old blog, please cancel there and subscribe here instead. Thanks ever so much! And if you’re not on my list yet, now’s a good time to get on it, right? 😉

Welcome once again and I look forward to a more interactive experience with you all! Ciao, lovelies.

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