Hello! Thank you for visiting. It’s wonderful to have you here. 🙂

My name is Otiti. Soul visionary. Heart hugger. Huge love advocate.

I’m here to start a movement: to ignite your soul to live your dreams. To DARE you to reach for the stars.

I’m going to challenge you and cheer you on and shower you with love as you break the shackles of complacency and drudgery.

Are you in? Hit the subscribe button in the sidebar and get fresh content right in your inbox or RSS feed.

I dare you to make every day extraordinary, to find or do something every day that elevates your experience from dull to radiant. I dare you to dance in the fire of your gut and embrace the passion in your soul. 

I want for you what I want for me as well: a passionate life full of fire and energy and brilliance. 

There’re down days. Days you can’t be bothered. Days you just go through the motions and shuffle along. I get all that, I really do. Nobody’s up all the time, right?

But there are also days that bubble with exuberance, that set your blood on fire, that move you to live the life you dream of NOW. Right now.

That’s where I come in. To bring you as many of those days as I can. Let’s do this. 🙂


4 Responses to “About”

  1. Elyse Renae 03/07/2012 at 01:13 #

    Hi there! I found your website through Blaze your Biz on FB. I just LOVE the name, look & feel. So lovely to meet you and I can’t wait to read more of your posts! 🙂

    • Otiti 04/07/2012 at 00:15 #

      Hello, Elyse! Thank you so much for your beautiful comment and I’m thrilled to have you here!! 😀 Yay for Blaze Your Biz, ha ha. It’s a pleasure to meet you too. 🙂

      Oh thank you, I did wonder if my site wasn’t a bit bland; so glad to discover that’s not the case! Do feel free to wander around and enjoy any post you like. 🙂


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