Soul Visionary? Say What?

15 Jun

When I look at the soul, my line of vision splits in two: I see it as it is, and as it could be.

Are you weighted down? You can be lifted up.

Are you wilting? You can bloom.

Are you cowering in fear? You can stand tall, bold and unashamed.

Are you searching? You can discover what you seek.

Are you thirsting? You can be fully satisfied.

What I do as a soul visionary is to visualise what we’re capable of when we let ourselves go. What’s holding you back?

Why are you holding you back?

We often feel we’re not qualified, or we need someone else’s permission, or we’re waiting for some sign that we have the right to want what we want.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: you already have permission. The signs are already there. Open your eyes.

The longing you feel to express yourself? It’s a sign that you should. The intense reaction you get every time you think of an issue that’s important to you? It’s a sign you can and should do about it.

The gut instinct whispering you could launch that product/service/business? Sign and permission all rolled into one.

The signs are always there. The permission is always there. Maybe you feel you don’t have enough resources and so should wait until you do. Rubbish; what’s wrong with planting the seed now and watering it with something small every day?

People start off at different stages depending on their circumstance, and waiting until everything’s perfect is a fruitless exercise guaranteed to drain your will and energy.

But what’s all this got to do with being a soul visionary? I’m so glad you asked.

As a soul visionary, you see the big picture: your sizzling future, the reasons behind your wants and needs, the bases of your dreams and desires, everything. It’s an ability to open your mind’s eyes and let yourself see what’s possible if you allow yourself dream and imagine.

It’s about tapping into the passion bubbling away in some part of you and letting it gush out to stir you up and turn you on. Ready to take on the world. Ready to live your dreams. So fiercely in love with your dreams that you can’t help but live them every day. Every single day.

Will there be burnout? Yes. Will you sometimes feel lost and afraid? Absolutely. Will you come close to giving up? Sigh; totally.

But. The great thing is there’s always the big picture to sustain you. There’s always fuel to feed your fire and keep you burning for success. The fuel could be anything: rest; nutrition; prayer; meditation; sound advice; unplugging; slowing down and taking a step back as you check in with yourself, anything.

It’s just important to remember that your need to recharge doesn’t make your will to succeed any less valid, it simply makes you human. And that’s totally okay.

“But what if I’m not a soul visionary?” Hire one! 😀 Coaches are usually the right way to go. Or connect with someone like me who’s all about it. Seriously though, we all are on some level because we’re able to tell when we want more. More joy, more fulfilment, more passion. We know when we’re lacking or when we’re stifled.

Granted, you may not know how to ask the right questions to get your answers and desires flowing, but you do know how to root around in your psyche, yes? Sure you do. Oh you don’t? Allow me.

  • What’s important to you? Why is it important?
  • What are your values (e.g. freedom, abundance, security, etc)?
  • Are your dreams your own or someone else’s?
  • Are you listening to your heart or popular opinion?
  • How far are you really willing to go to get what you want?

These are some starting points to crystallise the longings of your heart. It’s always speaking to you, always crying out to be heard. What will you do about what it tells you?

Act on it. In the name of all that’s dear and holy to you, ACT ON IT. It’s why you’re here. It’s your reason to live. It’s your essence as a person. Whatever your heart has to say is your own way of “putting a ding in the universe” like Steve Jobs did.

The only question is, are you up for it?

Are you up for speaking your truth even if it’s not popular?

Are you up for stepping into your power and trusting that it won’t overwhelm you?

Are you up for swirling in your brilliance and light and knowing they can never blind you?

Are you?

Maybe you’re pumping your fists in the air and hollering, “Hell yeah! I’m ready to OWN this, baby!” Or perhaps you’re shrinking back, mumbling “Um, yeah. Sounds great. I’ll try when I feel ready and can handle it.”

For the fist-pumpers, rock on. No time like the present, aye? 😉

For those who’re shrinking back, don’t. Dare to dream. Dare to go for it. You’ll never be ready or able to handle it if you wait for the right things to fall into place first. You have to act before you feel ready. Act before you feel you can handle it. It’s the actions that prepare you and arm you with the tools you need to succeed, not the wait for some miraculous set of circumstances to make your vision viable.

It’s just like learning a new language or an instrument, you know? You don’t wait to feel ready for it, you just dive in and start learning by doing. Learning by doing. That’s how you answer your heart’s call. That’s how you flex your soul visionary muscles. That’s how your nebulous dreams become tangible and achievable.

I currently live in Germany and am learning the lingo. As much as I like to kid myself that I’m badass at it, I still need to study and practise because anything you don’t use doesn’t improve. I gotta learn it by doing it and that’s really the only way forward. It’s the only way we can evolve as human beings in any area of our lives. Get on it, people!

You’ll notice I asked a lot of questions and didn’t answer all of them; that’s where you come in. What are your thoughts on the unanswered questions? Do you think I’m just navel-gazing and talking out of my ass, or do you think they hold some truths?

Let’s open up this discussion in the comments below, lovelies. I’d love to get your perspective on this. 🙂

Image credit: Doe Zantamata

3 Responses to “Soul Visionary? Say What?”

  1. The League of Champions 28/06/2012 at 10:15 #

    I agree with what you’ve said here; we often get in our own way. We let fear, instead of love, guide our actions. But instead of being overwhelmed with fear, we could welcome the fear feelings as signals that there is some kind of imbalance, and we need to take action to fix it. Our bodies can’t talk to us verbally, so they use emotion to tell us when we’re not staying true to our hearts. When we listen and take action, instead of wallowing in negative emotion, the positive action will immediately dispel the negative feelings.

    • Otiti 28/06/2012 at 15:01 #

      You’re so right! It’s all about choice and we can choose to make the fear work FOR us instead of against us. Thank you for stopping by and showing some love! 🙂


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