How I Want It All to Feel

17 Mar

I spent some time last night trawling through Danielle LaPorte‘s archive for 2009. Being at a loose end for the evening and not in the mood to study or write, I figured I’d soak up the beauty of her words and marvel at her knowledge.

One post in particular made me reach for my journal and pour my heart out. plan to feel was a call to do exactly that: feel. How do you want to feel? What do you want to feel? I wrote the following in a matter of seconds as it became clear to me that I wanted to feel:

Connected. Content. Full. Succulent. Ripe. Blissed-out. Delicious. Magnificent. Sharp. Energised. Meaningful. An unfurling of my desires. Budding, growing. Branching out and living straight from my gut. Light from my core. Wind in my bones.

Even though I was supposed to answer how I wanted to feel for a specified time frame (a week), I found myself writing how I wanted to feel all the time. All the time. 

How often do we stop to ask ourselves that question? How many times do we check in with our emotions and ascertain what we want or why we want it? Doing so definitely makes things clearer. So much clearer.

Reading this post looped me back to how do you want it all to feel? sensuous goal refinement + emotional magnetizing, the first Burning Question she asked when the series started earlier this year. I had the choice to answer on Facebook or my blog, so I chose Facebook and tapped out:

I want my day to feel like the dew on a clear summer morning: pure, fresh, invigorating.

I want my love to feel as free as the sky and as deep as the ocean.

I want my friendships to feel like cashmere blankets and hot chocolate.

I want my writing to feel like the wonder of a butterfly fresh out of her chrysalis.

I want it all to feel passionate, memorable, extraordinary.

Then I posted my reply and forgot all about it until I bumped into its predecessor in her archives. Serendipitous, eh? Maybe we need to remind ourselves why we want what we want. Maybe we need to get clear on how it makes us feel and how we can keep it flowing around the clock. Maybe we need to focus less on the fiscal rewards and more on the emotional feedback.

I’m not sure I know what I hope to achieve by sharing this on here. I guess I’m just hoping that you sit down with your emotions after this and listen to what they have to tell you, see what they have to show you. And maybe, just maybe, inch a little closer to your own version of fulfilment and bliss.


PS: Danielle’s got a wicked new book coming out April 18th. The Fire Starter Sessions is a hefty dose of warmth and insight straight from her gut to yours. Read the first chapter here and see for yourself. Get yours, get hot, and get ready to shine, baby, shine.

PPS: I’m only mentioning the book because I believe in her work and it’s important to support what you believe in, right? No, there’s nothing in it for me except positive vibes and good karma. 🙂 Yes, I do have a crush on her. And your point is? 😛 Hehe. Hope you enjoy the preview as much as I did! Ciao, lovelies.

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