Guest Post – Rise + resolve

11 Jan

Hello! How are all you lovely souls today? 🙂 I do hope everyone’s holding on to the momentum of the New Year.

I have another guest post today, this time by intuitive wordsmith Premakarini. In her own words, she’s a “Creative passionista . . . philanthropist” who’s “Empowering you to make a difference with unlimited life + love.” She’s all about love and you totally feel it each time you read her weekly update.

Anyway, I asked if she’d sprinkle her fairy dust here and she graciously agreed. Yay! 😀 So excited to present her work. When you’re done here, head on over to her site and enjoy some more fruits of her intuition. You can thank me later. 🙂

I wanted something to remind us it’s okay to be ourselves, to permit our spirits to reach higher and live truer to our essence. Give yourself permission to be you, to step into the role that no one else can pull off, into the light that is yours and yours alone. Dare to unfurl your wings and take to the skies. Yes you can. 🙂

Rise + resolve: this is your year
Are you ready to be TOTALLY You?
The greatest success in the world is to be absolutely you + live life on your terms, only doing what you passionately adore.
Resolve + rise:
Evaluate how much you are You + how much you are holding back in all levels of your life: relationships {where it shows up most clearly} career, your social interaction. Look at everything. Envy is your cue. When creative envy strikes, dive into it + see what it’s pointing out to you. This is what you really want {+ who you really are}
Now do it.
Don’t worry about what other people think.
It’s not even what you think.
Emotion is your barometer: your hot/cold sense to get you to be more you. Stay with what resonates, what feels right.
{Here’s your sneak preview:}
When you feel uplifted, when you are happy for no reason, when you are living your life full on, what you are supposed to do naturally comes out of this. It’s unmistakable.
= your purpose.
You exude your purpose. You are so in the moment it’s palpable to people 10,000 miles away. You experience a level of ease that has a quality of depth it takes your breath away. You feel swept off your feet. You are head over heels in love with yourself, life, everything {simplest way to say it}
You finally see all of who you are {+ it’s so much more than you thought}
You realize it was always just a question of perception, of seeing all you. Once SEEN: Everything falls into place. AND: all those things you were worrying about fall away.
Love is vision.
We’ve been doing it backwards. We’ve been looking for who we are + our purpose ‘outside in’ instead of ‘inside out.’ Intuition is saving us. She’s got our back. We haven’t even seen all of who we really are yet + we are trying to figure it out externally hit + miss style, instead of relying on intuitive intelligence to simply show us.
+ When you see who you are, you easily recognize who everyone else is. This is how we help each other. We are just here to remind each other. Always.
Being 100% you in the world is the most empowering thing you can do for yourself + your loved ones. This is what is accelerating the changes that you are seeing everywhere in the world now: Authentic, transparent social connection, both on + offline. Sharing ideas + experiences. Creativity. Conversation. Creative community + Collaboration {your tribe} Love.
We are collectively experiencing new levels of love + this is the most powerful catalyst in this moment.
Explore: What holds you back from sharing love? Expressing love? Who are you most free with in your experience of love?* Why? Who loves you no matter what?* Who do you love no matter what?* How much do you allow others to love you? What limits you in your expression of love the most? When it comes to love, what are you most afraid of experiencing, honestly? How much are you really in love with yourself? What is holding you back? What can you appreciate more about yourself? Pick something that you criticize/doubt + flip it. Pick a recent time when you felt embarrassed. Can you see what strength this is developing in you? How does this help you to see yourself more clearly?
This visualization is what threw me into a whole new level of love. Enjoy:
*Visualize everyone who came into your mind {+ whoever else pops in} celebrating with you at one big party or an event and really let it all in. Mute/turn down your thinking + FEEL love until you explode. Melt. Indulge this feeling until you feel you can do absolutely anything.
Now, go do that thing that you KNOW you need to do.
Take it to the next level {+ the next}: share this with your loved ones + swap notes.
*Share: what happens. Your experience counts. Trust your experience. Sharing your experience makes all the difference in the world.
{From Intuitive Edge, soon to be released}
Thanks for being here. It’s always fun,  
Be sure to hang out with me on facebook + twitter and say hello!
Premakarini xo
Soundtrack for this blog: Joga by Bjork: what I have been immersing in this past week so a BIG influence; it sums my week up beautifully.

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