Reverb11 – Day 13 – Love

13 Dec

Today’s prompt asks,

13. Love
What are the things (or people or animals) in this world that you love the most.

and my answer?

My family. Laughing so hard I can’t breathe and I have tears in my eyes. Watching my mum’s eyes sparkle as she’s telling a story. Chatting with my eldest sister and marvelling at her comedic wit. Sharing anime experiences with my second sister. Watching movies together. Saying something that really impresses my dad and makes him beam in appreciation.

Reading a book that envelops me in its world and makes me sad to be back in mine.

Listening to music that stirs my soul and makes me move to the beat. Watching musicals and dance movies.

Writing. Connecting. Enlightening. Stimulating.

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