The Quest for Fulfilment

25 Mar

It is a constant journey. We never stop searching for that special moment, that point in time when everything is simply perfect and we couldn’t ask for more. Not yet, anyway. ^_^

Seriously though, the quest for fulfilment is never-ending. The addict finds it in his next fix so he goes back for another and another and another; the scientist finds it when she proves her new theory or solves that mind-numbingly hard equation; a mother gets it as she watches her kid grow and develop; and you get it as you do … well, whatever it is that you do. My point is it’s something you need from the day you become aware of your surroundings until the day you shuffle off this mortal coil. Anyone who claims otherwise is a faker.

Why else do we try so many different things? Why are we drawn to all sorts of people and situations and experiences? You seek the perfect fit, a source of joy and contentment, the sense that you are now whole and complete. It is a continuous yearning for something more, more in an intangible way you can’t explain or quantify, more that you need before you can live and not merely exist, more that elevates each day from the regular to the extraordinary.

There is no magic formula. There isn’t a foolproof method sure to work for every single one of us. Oh, and just in case I’m wrong about that, feel free to share whatever it’s supposed to be. 😀 Anyway, where was I? Ah, yes.

Fulfilment is an intensely personal affair. You must find your own road; you cannot use another’s yardstick as your own measure for happiness. Yes there may be general guidelines applicable to every human being, but the specifics are left for you to discover on your own. I reiterate, on your own. This is why our parents must give us room to grow, why we must allow our children their freedom, and why it is a terrible thing to force your views/opinions on anyone else. You have to try, fail, and try again. Try, try until you either find your niche or carve one for yourself. The day you give up is the day you die inside and cease to live; from that point onwards, you simply exist without the spark of hope to guide you on your search. Dreary prospect, innit?

So, as you continue on your quest for fulfilment, please remember: if it is only in a bottle, a needle, or the arms of various partners, then it’s not real. It is temporary, fleeting, tantalising, and a destructive mutation of the real thing. In other words, negative/harmful substances and liaisons do not provide sustenance. They only whet your appetite for more and trick you into the mindset that you can find the perfect balance to finally fill the void within. It never works out that way. Witness those who trod that path and died as they tried.

OK, that was a bit macabre. I guess I’m just trying to say that positive and healthy methods are the best ones for lasting contentment. Travel, romance, dance, friendship, family ties, sports, music, art … these options are endless. Those are my thoughts, anyway. Stay safe, friends.

3 Responses to “The Quest for Fulfilment”

  1. Onome 29/03/2011 at 14:39 #


  2. Dammie Thorpe 04/04/2011 at 19:48 #

    well written…got me thinking! but do u rly think cocaine shots for an addict & sexual impulses for the pervert is a drive towards fulfilment?
    I choose to believe it's a drive towards acceptance, recognition & means to fill a void only God can fill… What say you, Jasmine?

  3. lusciouscurves 04/04/2011 at 21:56 #

    @Dammie: Yes, I do think so. Fulfillment is the need to fill a perceived void, isn't it? How you choose to do that is a personal decision and no one else can make it for you. Remember there are those who do not believe in God, so they don't know where to turn in their search for it. And yes, I do believe in Him. 🙂

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