What About Me?

20 Feb

“It’s kinda hard to miss how people flock around you, vying for your attention, your praise, the opportunity to satisfy your every whim. Everyone wants a piece of you, yeah? It’s pretty cool actually. I mean you must feel like the bees knees and all that good stuff, which is fine and totally understandable.

Seriously, I get it. I really do. Just amazes me why you act out around me so much. What about me? Why do you begrudge me the same thing? Why is it that it bothers you to see me trying to live my dreams and find my own path? You already have so much and I never try to take any of it away from you, so if you could explain to me why it irritates you to see me happy, I’d truly appreciate it.

Sure you say it’s great and you’re absolutely thrilled I’m going after what I want, but you don’t really mean any of it do you? You never smile with your eyes when you look at me. There are always hard lines etched on your face when you hear of my success. I’m like I’m not even a threat to you so it doesn’t make any sense why you think my joy should be a privilege instead of a right. That’s not the standard you hold yourself to and it’s definitely not how you think about other people. Just me. Only me. Why is that? What’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with you?”

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