Peace in Pieces

15 Jul

Hello again. My peace seems to be in pieces. I think. I keep looking for people or activities to fill the void, but perhaps it’s time to learn to stand alone. Sometimes we travel to other places, change jobs, change partners, pick up a new hobby….all in a bid to find peace. Peace in pieces. Catchy, no?

So in order to put it back together again, I turn inwards. My mother once told me not to depend on anyone else for my happiness. I didn’t fully appreciate her sagacity then. I think it’s really sinking in now, though. Depending on others gives them the power to dictate your moods, your well-being, your choices. A little too much power to give away, methinks.

Is it just me or am I repeating myself from an earlier post? Anyway. Sometimes all you need to make you whole is right in front of you, right inside you, no need to go anywhere or to anyone. Sometimes.

Wherever you go, whatever you do, take your peace with you.

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